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How Do I...???

Got Answers?

How do I ...?
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Question askers wanted!!

Question Answerers wanted!!

This community is intended as a question and answer community. The topics are limited to anything legal. This includes (but is not limited to) computers, internet, art, livejournal, music, businesses, where to find things online and off, general medical advice, tattos, peircings, accounting, history, sex... you name it.

You can concider this community similar to about.com.

This community has open membership and anyone may post a question and anyone may answer.

There are only a few rules:
Do not ask any illegal questions
Do not give any illegal or malintended answers
Do not claim to be an expert or professional on anything uless you can provide verifiable credentials.*
No flaming
No posting of illegal pictures or pictures that cannot be viewed by people of all ages**
No linking to illegal material
If linking to possibly offending materials please advise everyone with a warning or a disclaimer.
If your question might not be suitible for all audiences, please place it behind an lj-cut tag
If your question is long, please place it behind an lj-cut tag (this includes questions with more than 2 decent sized pictures).

Violations of these rules will result in the posts or comments being deleted and subsequent violations by the same user may result in that user's removal from this community with commenting privlidges revoked as well.

*If you are determined to be an expert or professional, The moderator will place your name, your expertise, and your level of expertise on this BIO. The moderator will personaly verify credentials and control the names placed on this list.

**links to such materials are allowed provided that the content is legal and a warning or disclaimer is given.

I hope everyone enjoys this community and it is able to answer your questions.