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Attn: accountants or math wizes in general who know Excel

I'm doing homework using Mic. Office Excel. This involves a financial 7-Year projection sheet. I created that with no issues. Did a formulas version and values version, and a 3-D column chart. Now I have to do a Financial Projection Goal Seek Values version of the original values version and I'm stumped. (I'm in school for web design, not accounting and it's beyond me why I need this, but I do.) To give you a specific idea...

This is the values version:

Okay, this is the instructions along with a mock-up of the chart I need to use to do the next part:
Open the Seven-Year Financial Projection to view the worksheet. (Above) Divide the window into 2 panes by dragging the horizontal split box between rows 6 and 7. (HUH?! It instructed me to put a single boarder line under 6, which I did. I can't drag this. Is there something I need to go to get said "split box"?) Use the scroll bar to show both the top and bottom of the worksheet. (I'm guessing this is top and bottom of same sheet assuming I'd been able to split them????)
Using the numbers in columns 2 and 3 of Table 3-1o (below), analyze the effect of changing the annual sales growth (cell B22) and annual price decrease (call B23) on the annual net incomes in row 17. The resulting answers are in column 4 of table 3-10. (Column 4?!?!)

Basically, I'm decent in any area BUT math, so this is invoking one hefty anxiety attack. I see all the numbers and my mind just... stops. I'm so lost.

If anyone can help, I'd be soooooo grateful!
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